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Outdoor Striping

 Outdoor Striping, New Construction:

Outdoor Striping or outdoor pavement marking consists primarily of parking lot or parking deck (parking ramp) striping and road striping with the occasional outdoor sport court thrown in. Parallel Contracting has the experience and provides the expertise to meet your requirements for your striping needs.We use the highest quality traffic paints and special materials applied with modern airless striping machines known for less overspray. The results are clean crisp lines and a job you will appreciate.                 
With the ability to apply all types of Traffic Paint, Cold Plastic, Thermo Plastic, Temporary Markings, Methylmethacrylate (MMA) and reflective beads to the paints, we can easily meet your job requirements. We provide all necessary layout and application of pavement markings on small roadway projects as well as parking lot striping, parking decks, parking ramps, indoor or underground garages and even sport court markings. Our striping crews are also trained in traffic control to maintain the safest possible work zone for technicians and pedestrians and motorists when needed.

Restripe & New Configuration:

If you have an existing parking or drive area in need of restripe to refresh lines or pavement markings, we can do this simple work usually without a site visit. If you have an old configuration or layout that just doesn't quite work for you, we can come evaluate it with you and help determine the best approach to reconfigure the existing markings to better suit your needs or the needs of your customers.

We have all the tools and equipment necessary for existing line or pavement marking removal including scarifiers, grinders, diamond grinders and shot blasters. Our inventory of removal equipment makes us uniquely capable of efficient line or pavement marking removal.

For commercial and business customers, we understand the need for having our work done when it will not inconvenience your operation or your customers. Because of this, we often work nights and weekends to meet the demanding needs of our customers.

Along with parking lot striping in the Lansing, Michigan area, Parallel Contracting can also provide cleaning and sweeping of your parking lot or ramp. This can be combined with the striping operation or as a separate task entirely.

ADA Compliance:

If you need to make sure your parking area is compliant with the Americans with Disabiity Act, Parallel Contracting has the experience and knowledge to make sure your parking areas and signs make you 100% legal according to ADA. We know the ADA laws as they apply to parking & acessability to your business from the parking lot and we can provide the proper modifications to avoid costly law suits or violation fines.

Sign Installation · Bollards · Wheel Stops:

Ask us about our Sign Installation services! We can provide ALL your parking lot signage even if it is something completely custom. We can make signs in-house or if they are a special design, we can have them made for us so we can install them as you need. Typical parking lot signs include STOP, No Parking, ADA (Handicap Parking), One Way and Fire Lane but we have provided many custom signs as well.

We also install steel protection bollards and bollard-type sign installations as well as portable concrete sign bases when necessary. Wheel stops also known as bumper blocks are a common item typically used in parking areas. We can provided and install these also.